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 Tips and tricks

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PostSubject: Tips and tricks   Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:00 pm

Cover Aiming
When adjusting your view behind cover, there is still a small targeting reticule on your screen. Move it over your enemy and hold it there until it turns red. Provided they stand still or you aim fast enough, you can pull the left trigger and get an on-target shot instead of having to pop out from cover and aim.

It might sound cool to pop off a few fully-automatic rounds without a silencer, but if you have a suppressor, there's no reason not to use it. Even if you have a suppressor in your inventory, you may not start out with it equipped. Hold down the X button to check if you have a suppressor. If you do, use it.

Trust the A.I.
Your A.I. controlled teammates are not only excellent shots, but they are very aware of their surroundings as well. They will often spot an enemy before you do. Listen to their chatter and trust them to cover your back.

Good team formation.

Rules of Engagement
As a general rule, you should only allow your teammates to fire aggressively once you're in a confirmed combat zone with active enemies. Otherwise, order your squad to stay quiet unless directly fired on. This will let you set up the best angle of attack.

Rappel First
Consider yourself the point man whenever you need to rappel. You can set your teammates up at the top, but only order them to come after you when you know the coast is clear. This will give you a much better chance of not being spotted.

Snake Cam
There is no reason for not checking under every door with your Snake Cam. There are few more efficient ways of getting yourself killed than opening a door without checking it, so stay patient and enter only when you know what's ahead.

Clear the Door

When you order your teammates to "flash and clear" or "smoke and clear," make sure you stand to the side of the door. First, this ensures that the enemies won't spot you, and secondly, it prevents you from getting caught in the flash bang yourself.

Who's left?

Map Use
Your tactical map should be the most consistently used tool in your arsenal. Not only will it highlight known enemy locations, but it will also reveal alternative paths to objectives. Just because the map doesn't show an enemy location, however, doesn't mean they aren't there. It just means that no one in your team has spotted them, so always proceed with extreme caution.

Smoke and Thermal
This classic Rainbow Six tactic is as useful as ever in Vegas. Whenever confronted with a large opposing force, or when you need to cross an open area, throw smoke to conceal yourself, and then switch to thermal vision to pick off your enemies under cover of the smoke.

This first next-gen Rainbow Six title sets a gold standard for what we can expect from video games in the future. With the help of these tips, you should also be able to lead your Six squad to victory.


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Tips and tricks
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